Meet the team

We build growth beyond customer acquisition.

Our job is to build sustainable growth for forward-thinking businesses that want to retain their customers beyond the first purchase. We focus in developing high-performing customer experiences, resulting in stronger company-customer relationships, resulting in higher customer loyalty, resulting in higher customer lifetime value.

We do this because we mean business.

Chief Executive Officer
Antti T. Mäkelä
Head of Service
Essi Ahtola

Talk to us

We’d love to hear from you. You can call us directly by pressing the phone icon on our profile pictures, or make a calendar reservation to discuss your growth aspirations – just press the calendar icon and get bookin’.

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Head of Growth
Van Padhaal
Growth Master
Elsa Nurmi

Join us

We are a flat organisation that supports personal growth and wellbeing. We want to continue working with driven, amazing people, and to create an environment for our humans to flourish and tell dad jokes. Check our what kind of talent we’re currently after.

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Chief Growth Officer
Cristina Herrera
Senior Growth Hacker
Teemu Nyyssönen

We’re experimental and nimble

Everyone in our team holds a bunch of best practices up their sleeves, but, in all honesty, world changes so fast that half of those practices get old in less than a year. That’s why we consider everything to be an experiment, from how we manage our company to how we run our projects. We learn fast, and that’s the way we like it.

Head of Data
Luis Orozco
Senior Business Designer
Ville Salonen