We work with business owners, product owners, developers and designers who are in a user-centric frame of mind, ready to shake and shape the market.

Select your plan based on the extent of your user research needs.


Solve your most pressing user research challenge post-haste. The Essentials plan is aimed at high-velocity teams looking for rapid customer validation.


  • Ideal for solving one research challenge at a time
  • 8h/week

    Starting at 3 520 €/month


Deepen and broaden your user understanding. Ideal for product development and go-to-market activities, the Advanced plan works best with hybrid teams combining dev, design, sales, and marketing.


  • Ideal for solving 2-3 user research challenges at time
  • 14h/week 

    Starting at 5 540 €/month


Optimal fit with a team who wants to scale the way they conduct research and increase user value. The Integrated plan provides a system for building customer-driven growth for your product or service.

  • Mixed-method research for product validation, user insights and customer lifetime value development
  • Internal co-creation and insight sharing for maximized organizational learning
  • 21h/week

    Starting at 8 310 €/month

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