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Hire a CGO as a Service to speed up your growth journey.

Embassy of Design is the home of modern Chief Growth Officers (CGO). We match ambitious companies with our experienced Growth Officers, who accelerate ventures with their marketing, business development and agile team leadership skills. Their job is to help speed up your business's growth journey, starting from 5000€/month.

We work with companies who want to make people's lives better. High-tech, lifestyle, wellbeing and gaming-for-good are especially close to our hearts.

Grow beyond customer acquisition

Our CGOs build sustainable growth for businesses looking to retain their customers beyond the first purchase. Our focus is in developing high-performing customer experiences, resulting in stronger relationships, resulting in higher customer loyalty, resulting in higher customer lifetime value.

2. Optimize your customer funnel

  • Real-time analysis of the performance of your customer journey, from awareness to purchase to advocacy
  • Holistic funnel optimization for lesser churns and higher customer lifetime value
  • Prioritization of growth tasks based on the biggest identified bottlenecks

The 3 key jobs of a CGO

1. Kick-start your new Growth Operations

  • Establish agile, experimentative culture in marketing and business development: start with small tests, analyze the performance, scale what works
  • Empower and include your team in discovering new ways to reach your business goals
  • Planning & managing the execution of 2-4 week long sprints with your internal team and partner network

3. Improve your business fits

Identification of opportunities to improve overall business performance:

  • Is the target market right for our solution, and vice versa? Would another market provide better return on investment?
  • Is our channel strategy providing results? Is there untapped potential?
  • Is our business model sustainable or in need of reshaping?

What's your team situation like?

Our CGO helps transform your current team into a high-achieving growth team.

Our CGO helps craft you a brand new growth team of new recruits, freelancers and partners.

Embassy of Design provides you a temporary growth team to kick-start your growth operations.

1. You have an existing team.

2. You don't have a team but want to build one.

3. You don't have a team and don't want to hire one. 

Our principle is to empower your team to take full lead of the growth operations. Eventually, our CGO will fade out in a good way, leaving you with the growth methods and tools you need.

We will help you grow until you don't need us anymore.

Cristina Herrera


Meet our CGOs

You can book a 20-minute consultation call with the person of your choice. "Book a call" link opens a tab to an external booking page. If you don't have a CGO preference, take the test below or leave us a general contact request here.

Elsa Nurmi


Antti Mäkelä


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Established in 2017, Embassy of Design has accelerated growth for over 10 ventures. Prior to that, our founders have directed the development and go-to-market for various international companies.

Strategic Growth partner for multiple Fintech ventures in OP Lab:

  • Setting up growth marketing operations
  • Brand & Positioning development
  • Product-Market fit development

  • Launch in Finland (Spring 2017)
  • Setting up growth marketing operations
  • Over 20 000 acquired users
  • Ever-increasing retention rates
  • Community strategy: Over 1 500 active community members (7,5% of customer base) 

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Every business is unique, and so is every growth path. Let's talk and find out what your path could look like with a CGO as a Service.

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