OP Nano Vakuutus


  • Market research
  • Growth team building
  • Growth strategy
  • Re-launch
  • Segmentation
  • Growth operations

OP Nano Vakuutus offers a portfolio of digital insurances, with an ease of use built in to every phase of the customer journey. Their home and travel insurances provide a modern way of obtaining smart coverage.

Embassy of Design worked with OP Nano Vakuutus to build a growth model, run a growth team and manage the daily marketing operations to achieve business targets.


The brief

Both the OP Nano home and travel insurances had been rolled out the previous year, but hadn’t achieved much traction. There had also been many changes to the original team composition, and each department was working separately from each other. With high business objectives and a new team set in place, we began our cooperation.

001 Growth Strategy & Team

Building the growth model

We built the growth model by conducting market research, auditing past marketing activities, identifying the most probable customer segments, and defining the initial problem-solution fit for both insurances. With this information, we prioritised our efforts and started systematically testing the growth hypothesis.

To bridge the gap between departments, we brought the new team together for pre-designed workshops. Together with the team, we set our own principles of working together.

002 Re-launch

Re-introducing the product to the market

OP Nano Vakuutus was re-introduced to the market with the launch campaign “Aikuistelu” (‘adulting’). The idea was to accept and embrace the innate dullness of insurances, giving it a humorous twist to generate wide-ranging awareness for the entire product portfolio.

With carefully designed marketing and advertising just before the peak season, we generated a buzz that then converted into record breaking sales and healthy customer retention rates. After the campaign period the organic growth rate remained significantly higher than originally.

003 Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

To achieve fast and profitable growth, it’s vital to focus on the customer segments that have the highest profitability and retention rates. To find these segments, we conducted customer surveys for both products to learn more about the current client base.

What is it they value most about the product? How does their general purchase behaviour look like? Are there differences between people from different demographic background? Which segment should we focus on?

By analysing the gathered data from the survey, we identified four customer segments for each product, and recognised the most lucrative ones to target. In addition to key differentiators, we also identified the ways of communicating the product’s value that most resonated with these segments.

Growth Operations

Running the daily growth marketing operations

The OP Nano Vakuutus growth team is a mix of multidisciplinary talent in marketing, data, business design and technical expertise. The daily growth operations were ran by our Chief Growth Officer (CGO), and carried out in 2-4 week long sprints, with specific objectives set for each sprint. When specialist expertise was required, the CGO called in the right Embassyan or a trusted freelancer.

Working physically together every Tuesday, the team adopted highly efficient ways of working and a routine that was embraced by all members. The team looks at the customer journey as a whole, making fast-paced decisions steered by numbers.



  • 5x increase in active agreements
  • 3x increase in monthly growth rate from H1 to H2
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Playbook for the future growth team: learnings on working methods, channel mix, customers and purchase funnel gathered into a digital playbook


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