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JoyHaptics is a company on a mission to solve a problem millions of people around the world face every day. Their smart remote touch solution enables a real feeling of caress for people within a long distance from each other.

Embassy of Design worked with JoyHaptics to test the demand for the product globally and define the most potential customer segments for the go-to market phase.

The agile and passionate approach of Embassy of Design lead to valuable pre-marketing data for us. We now know our first target customer groups.

In addition to collecting very valuable online survey data, we carried out video conference based interviews with global imprint. These included people form the US, India, Canada and South-Korea. The combination of over 500 survey responses and video interviews gave a strong foundation to understanding the market.


The challenge

Before making extensive go-to market plans, JoyHaptics wanted to find out who would be the right target audience for the product launch phase and how to best reach out to them. We needed to see how people would react both to the concept of remote touch and the product itself – and whether they would be willing to purchase it.

To do this, we had a strict budget with a maximum cost per acquisition of 3 €. We started with a bunch of assumptions about the potential customers, but needed to keep an open mind to gather factual data that would be truly relevant in the go-to market phase.

001 Soft launch

Soft launch

To test the demand for the JoyHaptics’ product, we opted for a process called soft launch. In soft launch, we asked potential customers to sign up for an information list to receive a notification when the product was purchasable. 

To reach the early adopters for this product, we briefly experimented with different online advertising approaches. By continuously optimizing the ad campaigns based on data, we were able to quickly identify the best target groups and the messages that best resonated with them.

002 Segmentation

Customer segmentation

To gather some more information about the potential customers, we asked them to answer a survey and performed a bunch of 1-on-1 interviews. We wanted to know more about the challenges posed by being away from a loved one, but also what their purchase behaviour looks like and if there were differences between people from different demographic backgrounds.

By analysing the gathered data from the survey, advertisements and the interviews, we built distinct customer segments and recognised the most lucrative ones to target at early adoption stage.  In addition to key differentiators, we also identified the ways of communicating the product’s value that most resonated with these segments.

As a result, JoyHaptics now has data-based knowledge it can base its go-to market plans on.



  • Actionable customer insights to base JoyHaptics’ go-to market strategy and plan on.
  • 80% more survey responses for the campaign budget than the minimum target amount.
  • 38% less cost per pre-list sign-up than the budgeted maximum cost per acquisition.


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