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EOD’s job is to build growth teams and cultures around digital products. We help products find their market fit by fiercely testing and validating business concepts, product features and go-to-market plans.

EOD is a flat organization that supports personal growth and wellbeing. We want to continue working with driven, amazing people, and to create an environment for our humans to flourish and tell dad jokes.

Are you a...

Service Designer

You are the method behind product development madness, the voice of customer in innovation. Without you, our clients are at risk of developing products no one wants.

You can’t stand seeing a product development plan that isn’t iterative. You’re the advocate of truly understanding what human pain points we’re looking to solve, what human dreams we’re looking to fulfill with our ideas, and validating those ideas with real users. You have some serious visualisation skills, too.

We trust you to know what designing services in a customer-centric manner means, and would rather let you tell us more about your expertise. Let’s get to know each other.

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Technical Marketer

Both EOD and our clients need to shout the smartest in the overflooded digital ad space, and turn the right audience into happy paying customers. Your job is to be our digital channel and conversion mastermind, with a slight obsession to optimise everything you do, and a stronger obsession to always be at the edge of digital trends.

Setting up ad accounts, compiling and running ad campaigns, testing activation elements and website UI, playing with targeting and analysing user behavior is a no problemo for you. Actually, that’s what you’re really good at, and you can’t wait to tell us more about your skills and aspirations.

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Data Scientist or Analyst

The world is full of noise, and you are here to make sense of it. You’re a business or marketing oriented analyst who loves to turn data into market, customer and business insight.

Your job is to understand our client’s customer funnels from end to end, and analyze them to help us prioritize what to work on to gain maximum business impact. You are the team mastermind who can spot the details the other ones can’t, who can predict trends before they happen, and who can recognize seasonalities in places we wouldn’t have thought they even existed. Let us know what you love about data, and what you like to do with it.

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Growth Master

You like to wear bossy pants but are not annoying about it (= you’re a natural leader who likes to roll their sleeves to get shit done). You’re not afraid of complex projects and running multiple tracks of actions simultaneously.

As the Growth Master, your role is to run the growth operations for our client projects, and to facilitate the growth team that consists of our people and our client’s people. You’re a seasoned workshop facilitator and project manager with a business development or marketing strategist background.

You will get to use your strategic thinking for planning, and your people skills to implement the ideas and to keep everyone in the same boat while executing for digital growth.

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Or are you something totally different?

Tell us about yourself, you renaissance multi-talent.

Facts about working in Embassy of Design

  • We work at our office in Sörnäinen, and at client premises around Helsinki.

  • You will have to learn to protect your coffee, tea and food from the office English Setter. He reaches everywhere and eats everything.

  • We will send you to a work psychologist a few times a year to talk whatever you want to talk about. We believe a moment of reflection with an objective outsider does good for the soul.

  • We consider everything to be an experiment, from how we manage our company to how we run our projects.

  • We’re not afraid of tomorrow. That’s why we work with companies who want to innovate and disrupt.