Brand development, customer experience design, and experimental marketing for hungry ventures.

We are a growth consultancy for innovators who have mixed feelings about consultants.

Embassy of Design is a brand-driven growth consultancy with an international network of expertise in foresight, service design, venture building, and culture transformation. We work with innovators and marketeers who are in a strategic frame of mind, ready to shake and shape the market.

Our principles

Relationship status: ally

We care, therefore we are careful in entering a new relationship. We work best in close relationships with growth-minded change agents who could do with a reliable sidekick.

Radical transparency

You will know what we do, how we do it, and how your team could do it by themselves if they wanted to.

Experiment and learn

When striving for growth, embrace the unknown and never stop learning.

Fade out in a good way

Our job is to equip your team and then fade out, leaving you with the principles and methods to running growth.

Plan and do

We are a hands-on consultancy who design and execute truthful brands, meaningful customer experiences, and high-performing growth teams.

Growth is in the customers

Our principle is to ensure your business answers a valid need, and then increase your profitability by boosting your customer lifetime value.

Gracefully through tough times

Growth is a delicate and complex subject. We don’t disappear if times get rough; we work things out.


Let's build something together

We are a good fit with teams who want to grow by creating meaningful everyday experiences for their customers. Get in touch with our Head of Service, Essi Ahtola.

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